"Reclining Nude" by Robert Rauol Andre Ginard (1929)

Over hanging the bar at the Mildura Club in painting the Reclining Nude painted by Robert Rauol Andre Ginard in the late 1920's. The original painting was on loan to the Club from the Mildura Arts Centre, having procurred in 1982, along with several others. The story of the painting and club is sourced from The Golden Stairs: A History of 100 years of the Mildura Club by Bernie J. Burke

Apparently the Arts Centre had loaned paintings to other orgnisations including the Mildura City Council. In 1992 the curator decided that an inspection of the paintings was more than due and was astonished to the find the painting worth in excess of $60 000 hanging in the main bar of the Club above the beer fridge! Understandably he was concerned that the climatic conditions in the bar area were not conductive to the long term preservation of the painting and requested that it be returned to the Arts Centre as soon as possible.

The members had become attached to the nude (figuratively) speaking and group know as the bakers dozen decided to contribute $100 each to enable a reproduction on canvas to be hung in the place of the original. Thus the Club's "reclining Nude" once more lies demurely above the beer fridge and remains a unique feature of the club.

The "bakers dozen" comprises - Mark Browning, John Castleman, John Ferrier, Graeme Harding, Ross Lanyon, Gavan Tellefson, Shane Brennan, Tony Edmanson, John Gange, Bill Lanyon, Geoff Martin, Greg Tuohy and Jim Walder.









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