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The establishment of the Mildura Club began at the end of the nineteenth century, within the same time of the Mildura Irrigation Colony.  Mildura today owes it’s existence to the forward thinking of men who had vision for the land. 

The idea to establish an irrigation settlement on the banks of the Murray River was a bold idea, still it wouldn’t happen without the help of a future Prime Minister: Alfred Deakin and the expertise of two Canadian Brothers: W.B. Chaffey and George Chaffey.

The Chaffey’s journey to the region was established in northern California: Mildura’s street names are testament to this.  The meeting of Deakin with the Brothers’ to establish a similar scheme in the Victorian Colony occurred in the drought years of the 1880s to help safe guard agriculture and the use of water. 

The establishment of the Mildura Club occurred in the beginning as a result of the “temperance movements” with prohibition and restriction of alcohol.  Also the establishment of the Club was greatly influenced by the Chaffeys’ for the male members to partake in alcohol and provide a setting in establishing a business and professional community in the area.

Lord Ranfurly was the first president of the club formed in 1890, with W.B. Chaffey as vice president.  The initial formation weakened and the Club we know today began in 1894 with W.B. Chaffey as President.  Until his death in 1926, “W.B.” oversaw the club move into it’s present day site in Deakin Avenue.











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